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Many memories from my childhood include cameras and connection in some way. Now, I always carry a film camera with me in case I want to capture something for my own memory bank. I’ve been photographing for close to 10 years. As a result of the pandemic, I found myself exploring photography more intentionally as a way to leave my home in a safe way. I found myself following artists and creators online who produce beautiful art but found I didn’t see the type of love that represented me or how I felt in relationships. I decided to capture and create the art I would want to represent me and who I am, my style, and aesthetic. I now capture love in all forms in a way that is art-focused, meant for all lovers. 

I find joy in documenting the world as I see it.

I’m a Seattle-based LGBTQ elopement and intimate wedding photographer specializing in film and digital photography as a method of storytelling. 

These are some of the things that make me, me.

I’m a Cancer Sun, Taurus Moon and Cancer Rising. I want to pet every dog that I see on the street. Iced coffee in any season. I like to rewatch TV shows and movies because I find the things I missed. I like the atmosphere of breweries and trips to the desert. I like to explore and say yes to most spontaneous plans. I’m equal parts ‘“go with the flow” and “intense” simultaneously. I don’t like sugar in my coffee. I care deeply for my friends and family, they are a big part of who I am. I like road trips and mismatched coffee mugs at breakfast restaurants and diners. I prefer Love Island to the Bachelor, but will carve out time in my schedule to watch both. 

A little bit about me in a series of run-on sentences:

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Capturing the in between moments, nothing is ever forced. 

Some recent art I'm proud of.


Photography is a way of telling stories of truth and intimacy, qualities that inspire me. I love all of the in-between moments. While you’re here, I want to help facilitate a space that feels like home.

My art is meant to be
authentic, loving, and timeless.

My art is meant to be authentic, loving, and timeless.

Waking up with the sun // being by any
Body of water // making thoughtful
dinner reservations // when my friends
leave me detailed voicemails // summer
solstice // the beach on a gloomy day //
my astrology apps // whenever my
family gets together and I can’t feel
time pass // coffee on the Oregon Coast

memoirs written by women or woman
Identifying humans // Phoebe Bridgers
and Lucy Dacus on a winter day //
colorful sunsets // stickers on water
bottles and laptops // my rock climbing

currently loving

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Hugs, Sara.

I can't wait to meet you.

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Sara Dobbins is a Seattle-based intimate wedding and elopement photographer capturing intentional moments for the authentic human.

LGBTQ+ welcome here